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Female Athletes

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Bold and Beautiful is a 10-session study aimed at college-aged female athletes that can be done preferably in a team or group setting.

By providing a biblical perspective on the issues faced by many female athletes; things like identity, body image, comparison, shame and control, we hope athletes will understand true beauty and how a strong and competitive spirit can be godly and feminine.

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This 12-session study is specifically designed for women in the arena of athletics and focuses on one of the four key values of FCA: Integrity. The study looks at female biblical characters within scripture that exemplify and illustrate many of the attributes that make up integrity.

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Don't you wish you could just ask someone how they got through a tough season or how they handled a certain situation in athletics or life. You can! Just Ask is dedicated to sharing people's stories so that you can get through yours. The Bible is our guide to get through this life so that you can get to the next. It is meant to encourage, inspire, and comfort those who read it by being able to relate each character of the bible and what they were going through with what we are going through. This devotional book takes you into the lives of Bible characters and women of sports, sharing their stories to encourage you in yours. Join us on this journey as we Just Ask some hard questions we face as an athlete, as a girl, and as a child of God. Well-known coaches and athletes include: Jenni Finch (Olympic Golf Medalist - USA Softball), Leah Amico (Olympic Golf Medalist - USA Softball), Shannen Fields (Actress from Facing the Giants), Sherri Coale (OU Basketball Coach and Team USA), Patty Gasso (Head Softball Coach OU), Lauren and Chamberlain (OU Softball)